What’s My Class Level?

Yoga in Bend, Oregon: Iyengar Yoga Rope IIf you are wondering which yoga classes you can participate in, this is a description of the different levels and which poses you should be able to do with each class level:

Beginners – for students new to yoga or new to Iyengar Yoga. Learn the fundamental poses, actions and terms used in Iyengar Yoga. The focus is on standing poses, seated poses, beginning forward extensions and simple twists. Students work strongly but appropriately according to individual capacity. Modifications are taught as needed.

Easy Pace  – for those who need or just prefer a slower-paced class.  Great for first time to yoga,  advanced in age or recovering from illness. Specific therapeutic poses may be given for individual concerns of shoulders, knees, hips and backs, etc.

Private Instruction – for anyone not able to attend a Beginner Level class because of individual limiting factors that require one on one guidance through out the practice session. Sessions are booked individually or as semi-privates for 2 people. Also, available for students who want to address specific challenges occurring in their practice at any level.

Level 1 – minimum of 6 months of Beginner classes is advised prior. Continued refinement and expansion of the Fundamental poses. Shoulder Stand and variations are introduced.

Level 1-2 – minimum of 6 months of Level 1 classes is a prerequisite. Simple back arches, 5 minute Shoulder Stand and variations are consolidated and Head Balance is introduced.

Level 2 – all standing poses are practiced, 10 minute Shoulder Stand, 5 minute Head Balance, Urdhva Dhanurasana (pushing up from floor) and Arm Balances.

Mixed Level – Well-grounded in Iyengar Yoga principles of practice from Level 1-3.

 Restorative – poses requiring less muscular action due to the correctly applied support of yoga props (such as blankets, bolsters, blocks, chairs and rope wall) allows for deep mental and physical relaxation. Simply lying on props will not necessarily revive a sense of vitality and can instead foster lethargy. The improved sense of vitality and lifting of fatigue is a result of intelligent and precise sequencing and timings in the poses.  Especially beneficial for those suffering from mental/physical fatigue, unhealthy levels of stress or highly demanding lives such as athletes and working parents! These poses are introduced at the end of each month.