New location! We are now at the Yoga Barn within The Blissful Heart Wellness Campus. 45 NW Greeley Ave., Bend, OR


The Yoga Barn is technically part of 31 NW Greeley Ave but sits on the alley behind 31 and 45 NW Greeley. If coming from our old studio you head west towards downtown on Franklin Ave. Take the first right turn after the underpass onto Hill St. Take another right onto Greeley Ave. and continue East to the dead-end of Greeley Ave (towards the freeway), turn right and circle back right yet again into an alleyway and on the right-hand side you’ll see the blue garage – this is the Yoga Barn! You can park on the right-hand side of the alley or also in the big dirt parking lot on the left-hand side just ahead of the Yoga Barn. So essentially keep going right and you can’t go wrong!  Once you are familiar with the location, you can enter straight from Hill St. down the alley.

Contact us by calling 541-318-1186 or use our easy contact form.

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